By carmen h.
Grade 11, Virginia

What is your favorite place? My favorite place is Dominican Republic. First I will describe Dominican Republic and how it is. Then I will tell you my Story. Finally I will tell you why Dominican Republic itís important to me.
Itís a beautiful place around the beach. The sea is blue and the sand itís completely white. Dominican Republic is an island that every single person who goes to likes it. Dominican Republic itís in the Caribbean and it all about tourism. In {DR} there are a lot of people from different place like Peru, Cuban, china and many more.
Secondly I will tell you my story. My story in Dominican Republic. Itís that always I have to go to the beach with my friends before we went to the school. We were always late our classes and my friends and I always got in trouble just for being late. One day my teacher told our mom and we got punished and we never did that again.
Lastly I will tell you why Dominican Republic is important to me. Dominican Republic is important to me because itís my country and I miss my family there. And they give me they warmth and a good advice as my mom does but you know itís different. And I have a lot of fun there and itís important because itís the island that I born Dominican Republic and that why itís important to me.
I already told you about my favorite place. Itís beautiful and it around of water if you go to visiting you would go to love it. I hope that youíll go to see my country I know you are going to love it!

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