By Luis A.
Grade 10, Virginia

Everyone has a favorite place. My favorite place is El Salvador; it is a beautiful place to live. First, I will describe what it is like to live there; the way it looks, the food, culture, and traditions. Then I will share a happy memory, and lastly I will tell you why El Salvador is important to me.
It is a beautiful place to live because you can breathe a good air. Some of my favorite things in the country are the food, culture and traditions. The traditional food in my country is pupusas. There are one of the best Latin foods in the all Latin countries. One tradition in El Salvador is El Torito pinto. a horse has a lights with a different colors. El Salvador has a culture where some people dresses like Native American.
How I am going to tell you my story that to happen to me in El Salvador. When I was using my bicycle, I suffered an accident because one person pushed me against the wall and I had to go to the hospital. It was good because I was find a beautiful girl in the hall of the hospital.
El Salvador is important to me because my family lives there I was born there and because I have a good stories with my friends. El Salvador is my favorite place because is a beautiful place to have a good vacations. Another reason why I love El Salvador is because in the school we doest have to speak English also in El Salvador you do not spend to much money.
Finally I finished telling you why is important to me. I love all the things of my country especially the food, the traditions and the culture.

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