By carmen h.
Grade 11, Virginia

Everybody enjoys holidays because they are special days when we usually donít go to school or work. One of my favorite holidays is Christmas. It is a tradition almost in the whole world. Christmas is a holiday to celebrate with your family and it is when Jesus Christ was born and all of my family comes to be with us and be together. One reason I like this holiday is because all my friends and family are together. Another reason that I like Christmas is because we do I lot of activities. Lastly, Christmas is a special day because we reunite with our family that is special about Christmas that our family is together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
I really like decorating the house with my family in preparation for Christmas. First, my family goes to the store to buy all the necessary things such as a pine tree, the window lights, candle and candy. Then we all start to decorate the house. We put red, green an around the window and we put candles on the table so the house smelling flowery when people come to my house and my house smell good. Then we put the gift under the pine tree to see better the gift are with wrapped paper with different color and it sight colorful.
I really like to do activities. My mom and my sister and I go shopping and buy gifts for the people that my mom will give a gift and she buys clothe for us. Then we come from the shopping night and the people begin to come. We dance bachata, merengue and reggeaton until we sweat. Then we talk a lot with all the people who come. Finally we exchange gift to the people that my mom buys gifts then we open the gift to see what the gift looks like and we all relax and have a good time.
All people come from one place to another place to be with their family. For example, my cousin aunt and uncle brother-in-law and my niece they come far ways and they all come to my house to be together they all spend time we us and we have good time. That is the day when the whole family came to be reunited with their family members and be together with them. Is it special day when all my family are together talk, and have fun. My family enjoys Christmas because it is a family tradition and we celebrate Christmas because it is the day when Jesus Christ was born. Then all my family comes to celebrate that day with us and be together. My family and I like to decorate the house with different types of color. We all go to the mall to shop and buy clothes as shoes, clothe and earring. My family really like to celebrate Christmas because they parent parents raised them to do that and it is a tradition in my country.

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