By Carlos R.
Grade 10, Virginia

My favorite place is El Salvador. One of the reasons that El Salvador is my favorite place is because of the friends I have there. Another reason why I love El Salvador is one of my favorite memories that I have from there. I also love El Salvador because I was born there, which is why itís so important to me. Before I tell you about my friends and my life in El Salvador, I will describe how beautiful it is.
A lot of people have a special place. For example, my special place is El Salvador. It is a hot, sometimes warm and windy place. El Salvador is located in the middle of the Americas called ďCentro AmericaĒ. It is a little country, but there are a lot of places to go in summer, for example, on the beach people are selling coconuts. El Salvador itís a beautiful place.
All the people have friends in different places. For example, I have Jessica and Karla. They are my best friends in El Salvador. They are nice people and friendly. My friends are important to me because I can talk with them and play. So have friends in your favorite place is so good.
Many people have good memories about any place. I have one, when I was 12 years old my mother made to me a big party in El Salvador, where a lot of people went and I got a lot of surprise like a bicycle, clothes. I always remember it. This was that best party in El Salvador.
Most of the people in the world come from different places; however I was born in El Salvador. My family like my parents, my brothers, and my grandmother are from there too. I only came to the United States two years ago. So El Salvador is my country and Iím so happy.
El Salvador is a small country, but itís my favorite place because there I have Jessica and Karla my friends, good memories about it, and my family and I was born there. This is why El Salvador is my favorite place forever. I love El Salvador.

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