By Alejandra A.
Grade 11, Virginia

What is your favorite place? My favorite place is my old school because in the classroom I learned a lot of things about many subjects. In the cafeteria I met with my classmates and we could buy and eat food. In the auditorium we could practice our dancing and the people could see us.
In the classroom the students could learn things because the teacher knows how to teach their subjects. They use whiteboards to write information that is important for the students; also the students wore uniform everyday and carried backpacks for their notebooks.
In the cafeteria I could find food like pupusas tacos, cookies and juice. I could also talk with my friends. We bought our own breakfast because the school did not give breakfast free then we did a food fight.
In the auditorium I practiced dance with my group. We practiced 3 days each the week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We had dresses and music especially for the presentation we mixed the songs and the others students practiced playing an instrument, like guitar and others
My old school is my favorite place because I experienced many things there and I will always remember it because I met my best friends I am waiting some day to go back to that place.

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