By Erika M.
Grade 10, Virginia

Everyone has a favorite place. My favorite is El Salvador; state is Usulutan and city Santa Maria. My favorite is the city of Santa Maria in El Salvador. First I will a Maria is important to me. Santa Maria is a small city in the country of El Salvador which is a country in Central America. My best her name is Carolina. I talk always with Carolina about some problem. .El Salvador is a country in Central America; also El Salvador is a small country and very hot country. On El Salvador live my all family, my grandmother, friends and cousin. Also my favorites place a city. On city I went to school every day. I love my place.
My story I remember is for Christmas in 2005 .We had a party. We listened to music and dance all nigh with my friends. I ate many foods, for example pupusas, tamales, chicken, tortillas and soda. On this party I dance with a boy. Is my story I remember. Santa Maria is important to me for many reasons. My first reason is because I was born. There I lived in el Salvador for 13 years. I lived with my grand mother, grandfather cousin, sister and brother. Also I studied at a big school. The school is beautiful for me. Because I had many friends, especially my best friend, Carolina. Everyone has a favorite place. My favorite place is the city of Santa Maria .My favorite memory was Christmas, 2005 we had an amazing party with my family and friends. I lived with my grandmother and all my family .my best friend, Carolina and I still talk about the good times we had. These are the reasons why love my favorite place.

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