New York

By manuel c.
Grade 11, New York

My favorite place is New York. First I will describe New York. It is a beautiful place especially in summer because I go to the beach and I go to the pool. Next, I will tell you a story about me in New York. Finally I will tell you why it is important to me.
I will describe New York to you. It is a really big state. I see girls, a lot of houses and schools. And what I can smell is food for example pizza, pupusas, and tacos. I can hear music and voices and people, and dogs and cats.
One time I remember when I was 15 year old I was learning to swim in a pool. I was trying to learn and I jumped into the swimming pool and I cant came out an I was trying and trying to came out and then one of my cousin helped me to take me out of the pool but I was so scared, but then I learned how to swimming.
New York It is important because all my family and my friends are there. I have a lot of friends there. Because I see all my family to gether and my cousin. The most important think to me is when I see my family especially my cousin cristian and he cook really well and my cousin Manuel he likes to hang out at the mall with me and my other cousin.
I told you about my favorite place New York. I explained to you why is my favorite place and why is important to me. I hope you enjoin my story.

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