By amina A.
Grade 9, Virginia

What is your favorite place? My favorite place is Somalia. First I will describe my favorite place. Next I am going to tell you about my happy memory; lastly I will explain why Somalia is important to me.
My favorite place has a garden, a good air and smells really good, I really like what I can feel, smell and taste first. I will tell you what I can taste. I taste the good food for example the food is l chicken and rice. The next thing I will tell you about what can feel...I can feel the door, clothes. Smell of Somalia is wonderful, Perfume, the garden and smell of the people and I also like the smell. Firstly I will tell the about the food. And and rice. Smell of the air I really love the smell of the beach.
Once upon time even my own parents forgot about my
Birthday. But my lovely friends did not forget my birthday so threw a big surprise party and I was happy. I thought the day would be the worst day in whole my life I was 6 year old.
My favorite place is really important to me because there are my family and friends and also is where I was born and where I really belong and my relative was there too. So that is why is so important to me.
I already tell you about my favorite place. We have a lot of animals and a garden too and also I get my family and friends there. So I hope you could visit there one day. The end.

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