By Casey W.
Grade 6, Arizona

I interviewed a few different people & these are my two most interesting stories. The first person was my great Uncle Glen. He was born in 1937 in Drumright, Oklahoma. He doesn't remember the start of the war but remembers being poor cause they couldn't get food like Meat, sugar, & also fuel. They would buy canned food & eat it & then take it to the local schools to melt it into war materials. He was 4 when the US entered the war when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He wasn't really afraid cause his parents told him it was ok & he didn't understand it anyway. He said it just seemed like everyone was away somewhere fighting. The saddest part of the war for his family was when their neighbor was killed in action & also a few other friends of the family. His Grandpa fought & survived, & his cousin survived 3 sinking ships. His happiest memory of the war was a party at his house when the Japanese surrendered. My next interview was also by phone conversation & her name is Zelda, a friend of my Grandpa's. She was born in 1924 in West Virginia. She was 15 years old during the war. Day to day life to her was really difficult cause everything was rationed & they were also poor. The Red Cross would give yards of material to families to make their own clothes. Her happiest memories were at Christmas at church cause all the kids were given little bags of candy. Her saddest memory was when her Brother went to fight & never came home. She hopes there is never another war because it's sad to see all of our people die. She was scared that nobody would come back & they would all have to surrender, & doesn't want to feel that way again. I also don't want a war because I don't want anybody to die or become prisoners to the bad guys. I give my thanks to all the people who fought & died for our freedom.

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