By Stephanie F.
Grade 11, Virginia

One of my favorite places in the world is my old school, in my Country El Salvador. I have three important reasons that make me choose this place. Those are: learned how to play many things, like saxophone and the flute, then I made a lot of friends, also the time of Valentine’s Day.
First of all, I enjoyed learning how to played the saxophone and the flute, but my favorite one was the saxophone. When I played I felt exciting and I forgot my problems. Another thing that I learned was my favorite subject, History. I like to remember a lot of things like histories of other countries.
My old school had something special for me, my friends. I spent a wonderful moment when we went together in the break time. We ate the delicious food like chicken and then we sat and talked together about the experience of the classes. Also we talked about the food if was good or bad.
Another thing in my old school is a special day for my memory is Valentine’s Day. When my friends went something exciting like sold red roses, and they gave a somebody special or secret letter. We did something else like barbecue with the teachers and finally we played music and we danced all night.
My old school is a fun place because I did a lot of things with my friends. I also have a beautiful family in my country El Salvador who shared my life. I enjoy my adventurous with my friends in my old school. That why I miss my favorite place, my old school.

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