By Farrukh K.
Grade 9, Virginia

My Neighborhood in Virginia
What is your favorite place? My favorite place is my neighborhood in Virginia. First I will describe my neighborhood. Next I will describe why itís important to me. Lastly I will describe my friends.
I will describe my favorite place that is neighborhood in Virginia. In my neighborhood there are a lot of people. It is big and there are a lot of mixed people like Muslims, Americans, African American, and Spanish. In my neighborhood it doesnít snow a lot but it still is very cold I always have a snow ball fight when it snows a lot. When it rains in my neighborhood I canít go outside to play basketball or soccer because itís really muddy.
I will describe why my neighborhood in Virginia; is important to me. The most important thing to me is my future. I wanted to have success. I want to be a successful doctor. I want to go to a really good school and get a good education .When I get a good education I will be a good doctor.
I will describe my friends. I have two best friends in my life. They both important to me because when I need some help they donít ignore me they help me in school and they got my back.
I chose my neighborhood in Virginia; for my favorite place because my family lives here and all my friends live here too. We have to know about our neighbors in Virginia;if they are good people our bad.

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