By Gabe T.
Grade 5, Maryland

My very brave grandfather was in a very terrifying situation, Vietnam in 1973. My grandfather was in the United States air force as a volunteer. Also he was very nervous because it was very scary going because you didnít know what could happen. He learned responsibility and had to grow up faster.

He arrives and the general told him what to do and where to go. My grandfather was a traveling man when he got in the army. He went to Texas, Oklahoma, Vietnam, tiland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, and France. He said it was interesting seeing the agreements and disagreements of foreign countries. The worst thing about being in the army was being away from home or getting seriously hurt or getting kilt.

Finally he heard he could go home. His favorite thing about leaving was being able to see family and getting to do what he wants when he wants. A relief was coming home alive. This was a very interesting and scary thing about his life.

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