By Wesley B.
Grade 5, Maryland

My grandfather was a truck driver for 26 years at the age of 46. My grandfather only went up to the 10th grade in high school. He worked for 26 years as a truck menichichanie then decied to drive a truck for 14 years.
My grandfather was 46 years old lost his job and went to hearts and didnít like that job. He went to being an owner operator truck driver. My grandfather liked meeting new people and seeing railroad yards. He also liked doing different things like seeing how things are made.
My grand fatherís job inserted him because he would go places like Vermont and places like that he has never been to before.
My grandfather didnít like unloading and loading the big truck because it took a lot of energy. It took a lot of energy because to carry things.
My grandfather felt festered because he had to go places he didnít want to go to. Didnít get paid a lot of money. That is all about my grandfatherís job.

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