By Ashley L.
Grade 5, Maryland

My mom, Sharon was born in Fairfax, Virginia Hospital. She said, “I grew up right here in Anne Arundel County”. Her childhood was great she was the only child so she got a lot of things but sometimes it was boring. She had nobody to play with or hangout with she was very lonely.

Sharon’s birthday party turning eight years old it was fun. She got cake all over her face and in her hair .She fell asleep in her high chair. Sharon’s favorite toy was a really soft baby doll. It was in the spring at her house, her whole family couldn’t come but many of them were there. Sharon only remembers four people her Aunt Jackie, Uncle Robert, and her grandparents being there. Sharon’s parents got a divorce after the divorce her life was not as happy as before. She had to go live with her aunt and grandparents in North, Carolina until her parents went to court.
After the court date, her father got custody of her.

She did not go to college. She is married now to her husband Harry, with two kids Ashley and Jessica. Sharon’s life now is great, she loves her family and a house .If she could change anything still she would have a (women president for the government.) Sharon likes to go shopping, movies, and go roller skating with her family.

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