By A.I.N.C. Abel I.
Grade 11, Virginia

What is your favorite place? My favorite place is El Salvador. First, I will describe my country, next I will talk about the different states, and different towns. Lastly I will talk about why my country is important to me, and all the reasons why I love my country.
I’m from El Salvador. El Salvador has 14 states, and every state has different towns, and different cultures. El Salvador has many rivers and volcanoes, like “Rio Paz”, and “Volcan de Izalco” you can have a good vacations also, traveling everywhere in El Salvador.
The story of El Salvador is beautiful, when I lived there, in one state of El Salvador “Ahuachapan” I have my family there that is important to me, because they helped me to study. I remember when I traveled with all my family to explore a volcano, we played and cooked there. My brother and sister gave everyone a little water with salt, which was a joke from them to us. It was wonderful and nice. This is one thing that I keep in my mind for my whole life.
El Salvador is important to me, because it’s the place where I was born, and it’s where I grew up, it is also important because I have my culture, my family and my church. Other important things to me are the beaches, the volcanoes and many other natural things like rivers with hot water.
Writing about my favorite place makes me feel good because I remember everything about my country. When I am talking about my country I’m talking about my traditions, culture, friends, family, and home. I want to keep me writing and thinking about my favorite place.

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