By Kayla S.
Grade 5, Maryland

Cheryl works for the Baltimore Fire Department helping sick people every day. Cheryl takes care of the medic unit making sure itís running, clean, and has all the needed supplies. After all they have sick people every day in Baltimore. The Baltimore Fire Department has four shifts, so that makes sure someone is their every hour of the day. Every shift is ten hours long. Cheryl works the ďAĒ shift which means she works two ten hour days, two fourteen hour nights, and then four days off. When she isnít taking care of people, she takes care of the fire station. The fire station is a home for the workers so they have to clean the floors, rooms, dishes, take out the trash, mow the grass, and shovel snow all the time to keep it running.
She makes a difference in otherís lives because when she and her partners are called, she gets their quickly to take the people to get the medical care they need. As of November 25th, 2007 Cheryl had been working for 21 years at the Baltimore Fire Department (She says that she hasnít always liked the people she worked with and itís not necessary to like them but it makes the job easier).
Some times she doesnít get to eat or sleep but she says she likes her job because itís something different every day. Some times she is bored when there arenít many calls and scared when itís an emergency she hasnít seen for awhile. She loves her job also because she is often off during the week which means she can hang out with friends and family or get errands done.

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