By Kristin Z.
Grade 5, Maryland

At the age of 26 Mary got married in a chapel at the University of Maryland and became Mary Z. She got married on the 24th of 1993. She wore an ivry dress. Her bridesmaids wore purple dresses. She had lilies, roses, and white, pink, pale and purple flowers.

Mary had her reception at the legion hall. Mary and her new husband Mike danced to a live band. There song was “Falling in Love with you.” By: Elvis P. She had medoth’s ceremony witch lasted only 15 mins.

This memory of Mary’s life makes her happy. One reason it makes her happy is because she got to start a new chapter of her life with an old friend new husband. Nothing happened bad really, but the ovens did break and the food came late but that was all. Mary had a great time at this event in her life.

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