By Lindsey C.
Grade 5, Maryland

Richard C was only 17 years old when he was in the paper on May 18, 1980 in the Baltimore sun. He was interview because his coach discussed juggling his time. He got his cast off and then his coach talked to a reporter about his team but then Rick. He played lacrosse and raised hogs at the same time. His family was also in the paper too talking about him, how they were proud and how he was responsible.

Rick felt that he didn’t know which choice to pick. Rick discussed giving up college because he would have only gone to play lacrosse. He decided to work on the farm and give up sports for a long time and he said “it was a hard decision, which I will choose for the rest of my life”! His grand father worked on the farm with his son when it was light and until it was dark. Then Rick’s parents worked on the farm too. Rick’s sisters and he are going to keep on doing the family traditions and Rick liked watching baby pigs grow bigger every day. The only reason Rick would have gone to college was to play lacrosse.

He felt very proud about this whole event that happened in his life. He was proud of the story and how it was published. Rick felt very proud of being in the paper and his family felt the same way. Also, because many 17 year olds don’t have there own business of raising hogs then selling them. But if he could relive this moment he wouldn’t because he likes his life just the way it is! Also that he was very proud of sticking to both things and keeping his responsibility!

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