By Nathan L.
Grade 5, Maryland


Have you ever had a dad that has played in five bands? My dad has! Dave L has played guitar for years. When Dave looks back, the past is filled with both joy and sadness. Dave had a lot of fun playing as well! He learned life lessons like perseverance and the ability to tolerate people.

Dave leek played rhythm guitar in all five bands. The bands played rock, blues, heavy metal, and gospel rock. After a few years his back was having problems, making it harder to stand up with the strap on.

While enduring the back problems he decided to leave the church band. After a couple of years his back got better and he joined the band identity crisis.

Dave states, that if he was able to go back in time he would. However he would not make the same decisions. Now he lives in the Harwood area with his wife and two kids while he works for He works for “S and S Fabricators”. Every once in a while he still practices and goes to open mike night.

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