By Kari D.
Grade 5, Maryland

Russell D developed a contracting business and is now the president of Absolute Contracting services. He chose this job because t had always been his dream to be a contractor. He and his brother, Donald Dunlap, started the business because they always wanted to own a business. So now they have their own business. Russell has owned and worked in Absolute Contracting Services for 15, and still counting!

During a typical day, Russell works from 8 am to 6 pm, or about 50 hours a week. He mostly does a little bit of everything. Since hes the owner hes usually busy most of the time.

What types of things does he do? To get a job at Absolute Contracting Services you need a high school diploma and have work experience. Russell provides jobs for many people. He also helps other companies. Despite the requirements, the business is almost like a family, after many family members actually work there.

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