By Sophie .
Grade 5, California
Country of Origin: India

Rukmini left India in 1985 and came to America even though she had a husband and a child still in India. Rukmini's sister, Kalyani, was already settled down with a family when Rukmini came. She was born in Madurai, India. When she first saw America, she was enthralled by the vast open space, cleanliness, and abundance.
For fun in India Rukmini spent lots of time with her family. She came to America on an airplane and had a very smooth trip. In India, Rukmini was an IC design engineer. When she came to America, she became a software test engineer. Rukmini has been living in America for 14 years, but she still is a citizen of India. Coming here, her name was spelled Rukmani. She never bothered to change it back.

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