By Sophie L.
Grade 3, Connecticut
Country of Origin: Russia

My grandpa is from Russia. He is 86 years old and lives in Utah. He came to the United States in 1948 because he wanted to see the world. My grandpa made the journey by boat. When he got to America he went through customs. After arriving, life in the United States was busy for him. He took a class and then a test to be a U.S. citizen and he got a job. He said, “America is a wonderful place to be in”. I would ask him, “How long did it take to get to America?

When he was married he was happy with his wife, but then his wife died. He was all alone in his little house without his wife. Since he was all alone he got married again. He was happy to be with someone again. My grandpa will still miss his old wife but happy with his new wife. That’s what happened when he came to America.

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