By Jessica W.
Grade 5, California
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Warren, or Hwa Ling, came to the United States when he was 5 years old in 1963. Warren was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Later, he left Taipei, Taiwan in the Republic of China because his mom came to the U.S. His mother worked for the Diplomatic Service of Taiwan, the Republic of China, and was transferred to work at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. His mother had come to America before him to study for her master's degree at the University of Maryland. His trip to America was very interesting because it was his first plane trip. They made a stop in Tokyo, Japan first. Then they stopped in Los Angeles for a week before leaving for Maryland to live. His first impression of America was fantastic. He and his mom were on their way to Maryland, and they stopped in Los Angeles. They went to Disneyland where he went on all the rides and had his first hot dog, which he thought was very delicious. For the next 6 months, he ate hot dogs almost every day. Finally, he got so tired of hot dogs tht he did not eat them again for almost a year. He can't compare how school in Taiwan compares with school in Maryland because when he lived in Taiwan, he was still too young to go to school. The first school he attended was Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Silver Springs, Maryland. He can't remember whether or not he brought something special with him because he was so young. In his native country, for fun they did many things that we do here such as playing ball. During the Chinese New Year's celebration, they played with firecrackers. Many adults love playing a Chinese game, called mah-jonng.

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