By Destiny S.
Grade 4, Florida

My interviewee is Mrs. Moore. The reason I picked Mrs. Moore is because I want to learn about Mrs. Moore and what she does in the library. Mrs. Moore actually was a teacher until Ms.Brown left so Mrs. Moore decided to be a librarian because Ms.Brown went to another school, so Mrs. Moore had two kids Tuvin and Kaitlin Moore. We canít get more than one book because we canít be responsible for the one we have. She has been a librarian for six years. Mrs. Moore has puppets with her in the library because the library needs a friendly place. She doesnít have time to read all the books in the library, but she saidĒNo, she wishes.Ē
My experience with Mrs.Moore is jest because I talked about what she does in library and itís interesting because everybody donít have to be what they want to be.

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