By Quashaun W.
Grade 4, Florida

The Fun Grand

My interviewee is my grandma Jimmie W. The reason why I interviewed her because, she make me happy when Im sad.
My grandma had 4 kids3 boys and 1 girl. She was 16 when she had her 1 child. She said,When I had 3 kids I felt great. But, when I had my 4 one and 2 died I felt angry and sad. But, Im still holding on, and I didnt blame Jesus. My grandma was 22 when she had her girl. Her girl died when she was in a car accident and the boy died when he got shot. She worked in people homes, and restaurants. She worked for 40 years, and she was 16 when she got her 1 job. She said. I love to work for money. My grandma she said, Im not trying to get another job because; Im too old to work.

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