By Shakerria w.
Grade 4, Florida

The culter of an officer

My interviewee is my mother Sonji M.W My mom’s life is kind of pail she goes to work every 5 days a week 24 hours. She is a very smart person she drives about 1 hour to get to work .she work’s at F.S.P. as a correction officer she has to make sure that The inmates don’t have weapons like home made knife’s, guns, or do any thing bad to each other like sneak up on them. “The inmates are walking so watch out” she told me.
I asked her did she enjoy her job? she said “yes’ I do. I asked her did
She wants to stay at her job? She said “yes because I like to be around people.“she like’s skating dancing, singing, and listening to music at home. My mother is a very cool person to interview I don’t care what anyone say’s to me about my mom because she is the person I love and care about. and she love’s me to death. That she never wants’ any thing to happen to me.

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