By Jedavea O.
Grade 4, Florida

My Interviewee is my mother her name is Judy she is a nurse assist she takes care of senior citizen she bathe them she put on there clothes on and some lotion and brush their teeth and brush their hair and wash it and she do more until 3:30pm.
Then she go to her next job she do the same thing but with one person he is paralyzed boy he is 15 year old his name is Levote Wilson he can not move or talk only laugh he could move his arm a little bit some times I go to his house with my mom to see him and talk with him or some times I will read to him and my mom go to his house at 3:00pm and come from his house at 9:00pm then she go home and take a shower then get out and put on some lotion and then put on her night clothes.
Then she wake up at 6:00am then she put on her uniform so she can go to work and do what she always do but she told me that she did want to be a nurse she want to be a teacher she said that she coulded be a teacher because she did go to college because she had kids to take care of her mother could not take of me my brother and my sister because her mother die before I was born and she did go to college because she did had no body to take care of her kids so that what she did get her degree that what she did go to college and get her degree so she coulded be a teacher.

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