By Albanee' J.
Grade 4, Florida

My interviewee is Kathy Tonita C , my mother. The reason why I’m interviewing my mother is because I would like to know what happen in her life as she was growing up. My mother is 32 years old was born in the month of February in the year of 1976. She attended Ramon as an elementary school, Kirby Smith as a middle, Jackson and Robert E Lee as a high school. My mother never dropped out of school because she had goals like making good grades, being in sports, and becoming somebody. She has three kids name India, Albanee’and Jordan, but when she was 18 she had her first child, she had her second child when she was 20, and her last when she was 24.
My mother always said, “I wanted to become a special education teacher”. So that she can help the kids who are not a fast learner. But she didn’t so now she found something good for her; she likes the job, and her kids like it. My mom said she want to go back to school. But I said, “no, no, no mother I’ll stay in school go to middle school, go to high school, and go to college, and become what I would like to be”. Still today Kathy Tonita C is still going to work making sure her and her kids have clothes on there back and still a strong black woman.

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