By Rebecca W.
Grade 5, California
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

On her trip to the USA, from China, Kam Mee brought with her a stuffed animal rabbit. She also brought with her memories of her family and friends among other things. On the plane trip here she was sick and miserable. She was also a little homesick, but excited. She came in the year 1977 to study. Her brother had already come to America. When Kam Mee got off the plane, she was impressed with the vastness of the land. When she was little, Kam Mee loved going to a city-wide fair where there would be fun rides, manufactured goods they could buy, and delicious food. She also loved going to the circus, swimming at the ocean, hiking and other family outings.
When she finished her studies, she married Bruce. She is now raising 3 children and going to stay in America.

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