By Michelle B.
Grade 4, Florida

I interviewed my mom because he has done a lot for me.
And she had some interesting things in her life.
Thatís why I want to interview her.
My mom's childhood was mixed up a lot but it was exciting and great. She likes scary movies because They are interesting. My mom attended college it was a junior college.
My mom's favorite part of her name is that it is short
and the way it sounds.
My mom as a child lived
on Edgewood. It was kind of hard living around the drug environment.
My mom had only one best friend forever was Dashawn Geffen.
They will go to the park together and play games.
And go to school. Her favorite hobbies are Reading
because There are some cool books out there
Thatís why I why I loves books.

Ps...My mom feel cool being interview and she
Feel great.

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