By Destiny, Cedricka S.
Grade 4, Florida

Wonders of Mrs. Cobbin

I have a wonderful teacher name Mrs. Cobbin. She loves to read to us, and she always let us goes outside and plays. She letís us go out side so we can express our minds. Sometimes Mrs. Cobbin let us get on the computer and get on games like fun brain, primary games, and Disney channel. Mrs.Cobbin is a teacher who donít like to yell, and donít have to yell. Everyday she let us eat snack that is healthy at ten-twenty sometimes
In 2007 Mrs. Cobbin went home with a head ach, and now in2008 she doesnít go home with a head ach she went home with a cold.
Mrs. Cobbin had to get to the doctor because she got a cold and it is really bad so we got slit up because the substitute didnít show up. We donít know why she/he didnít show up but usually they show up.
I hope Mrs. Cobbin have a better cold by Monday.

Love, Destiny and Cedricka

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