By Jaymeka P.
Grade 4, Florida

I am interviewing my mom, her name is Retina. She works at Harts
Harbor Health care center. She is really nice and helpful. She helps me with my homework when I and my brother James walk home. When we go to Team Up she wonít be at home, she is at work. The only one that is at home is my Auntie Sheet and my big brother Hakeem. Hakeem leave early to go to school before the sun is out. My brother Kevin goes to Fort Caroline. Kevin is eleven years old; he likes to boss me around. When my mom is not home, Kevin is calling me his maid, servant, butler, and chore monkey. That is so mean of him. One time he told me to turn it to Family Guy I didnít do it. I saidĒ turn it your own self Kevin. He didnít want to cause and he is very lazy. He only careís about himself and no one else. And last of all my mom is the best mother in the whole wide world.

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