New York

By yu o.
Grade 11, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Yu. I am a Chinese. I am 19 years old. I am form Guangdong China. I came to the U.S in June, 2006. I with my parents came to the U.S.
In my home country my parents didní»t get a good job. They are work was hard and long hours. In China our land is poor, our town is crowded, and our government didní»t give freedom to the people. So my family wanted to leave China. After, my parents had enough money to immigrate. We made a plan about to come to the U.S. Then my parents and I obtained a visa to visit America, and we are passed the visa. We were so happy. My parents packed the baggage prepare to come to the U.S. I wanted to learn better English. Than buy a big house and find a good job in America. Sometime I miss my grandmother and my pet, because they are in China yet.
I arrived in the U.S. I found a house and high school in the begin. After, I studied in LESP and got a job in NJ. My first dream was buy an Iphone. I felt very happy when I arrived in the U.S. But some time I faced some problem in my study.
In the end. I wanted to find anther good job and made enough money. I felt happy and enjoy my America life. Thank my parents bring me to here.

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