New York

By yihong c.
Grade 11, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Yihong. I am a Chinese. I came to the US with my mother in winter, 2006. I took air plane to New York City.
My hometown is a pretty island. I love my hometown. Before I came to US, I was not happy. I didn’t want to leave my dog, my friends, my school, my big family, my hometown. I can’t choose to stay in china, because my father in the US. I had to immigrate to the US. Many people asked me: Why you come to US? I thought my father want to my family get better life. My father left me for 10 years. I missed my father very much. I expected to see my father and get new life. Someone told me: America is nice country. I prepared some thing from my hometown. That is about food and clothes.
I arrived in New York. I saw my father. I hugged him for long time. I felt very excited and happy. Few days, I went to shopping with my family and visited my aunt. Many things were new. New York is busy city. Everybody shall be working, but I don’t know what I shall do. I felt every lonely and fearful. I went to play basketball. That’s my favorite sport. My English was very poor. I went to school to learn English.
Now, I make many good friends and apart to this busy city. I feel very happy. About future, I want to do a police because I want help Chinese. They don’t know speak English. I can help them.

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