New York

By li y.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Today, we want writer about immigrant experience. My name is Li. I come from China. When I 18 years old, I with my family immigration America. Large cities in America have many people immigrant here.

My father he apply my family three years. This is long and hard time. Because that time is a tide of immigrant, mother with father were separate long time so they lack many immigrant material. China Guang zhou consulate give notice we needed replenish material. This massage let we wait one year. Mother and father very despair. Mother went to the Guang Zhou US consulate many time. She spend more time for we immigrant. I know she was so tried. She missed father who hope children had better life and good future. Mother doesn’t like we stand China. She wanted we learn most knowledge. Although she was try hard, who every day tell children we can going to America.

When I arrived America. I felt so strange. Many good car in the NY city. Many people living America. My father giving me found school in the NY who found house in the NY. I must learn English , I need America friend whom help me speak English.

We had many different home because we moving home many time. I had wish. I hope I can take more money giving my family, we can buy big house in NY. We need ourselves home in NY. Father and mother had too hard work in NY. I hope their having a rest. This is my immigrant experience.

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