New York

By yi k.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Emily. I came to us about 2 mouths ago; I came to us with my sister. I come from Fujian China.
I come here because my parents are here. I come here for a better life. I can learn different culture from here. I leave my friend leave my relative. In American I prepare I can get good education from the school, I also can learn something different from difference place. Before I come to US, I prepare study hard, especially my English. I expect that I could prove my English; it will help me to communicate with other person.
Iíve been 17 wharfs, Coney Island aquarium and zoo, some of them are relax and some of them just for Chinese homework. I also interested in, Iíve never go to those place before. When I arrive here I feel so happy. In American I hope I will study well, I can make many friends.
I feel comfortable about my new home, because my families are getting together. We can talk everything together, I want my English become well, and I can get good job. Or I just help my father to run our own business. That was what I want to do.

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