New York

By Ting C.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

I知 Ting. I知 19 years old. I知 an immigrant from China to the U.S. I came here on Sep12, 2007. I came here with my family member.
When I left China, I felt so sad. I left behind my friends, my teachers and my grandparents. Therefore, I prepared a party with my friends. We were happy in this party. I went to buy something what I need to bring to the U.S. I spent a little time to learn English in order to my first time to the U.S. I thought the U.S. was beautiful, the Americans will be kind. I thought my life in the U.S. will be better, so I came here with my family. I wanted to learn my English better. I wanted to change my life better.
When I arrived to the U.S., I thought I was lucky. I知 very happy and expected. I expected there were many people from different country. I went to Time Square, I felt the U.S. was beautiful. The buildings were nice! I called my friends who in China and told them my new life in the NYC. And I felt sad when I watched TV, because I don稚 know English. I need to find a school to learn. Then I went to LESP. In this school, I had many new friends. We went to beach, we felt expected.
Now, I知 live in Flushing. My home was small than my home which in China, but I知 be used to my home. I want to learn in a college when I finished my classes in LESP. And then I want to be a business. I think my life in the U.S. will be nice.

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