New York

By Lifei W.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Iím LiFei. Iím 17 years old. Iím an immigrant from China to America. I came to the United States six months ago. I came to the United States with my parents. I missed my relatives in China. I felt sad to leave China, and I missed my friends very much.
I came to the United States because I wanted to get a better life. I go to the high school in New York City now. I wanted to go to the better university in sooner or later. And then, I will find the good job to make more money for the better life. When I came to New York, I left behind my pictures in China. I bought the tickets prepare to come to the U.S. I brought the report card from China in my baggage. I went to visit my relative and my good friends before I left China. I went to the Internet to look for the information about the U.S. I thought that American people maybe not like the newcomer, and maybe the English is easy to learn.
When I arrived in the U.S., I went to China town. It made me feel familiar because the people are almost Chinese. I went to the Brooklyn and Staten Island to visit with my parents. I felt excited but a little strange. In my school, I went to the trip and camp with my classmates. Something is different than my expected. The people in American almost are friendly, and the English is not easy to learn.
I did not like my house because it is an apartment. It is easy to hear the loud noise in apartment. In my future, I want to go to the better university, and then find the good job to get a better life.

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