New York

By shuhong L.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is ShuHong. My birthday is On December 5th .Now, I am 20years old. I am from TaiShan, GuangDong, China. I had been United States for one year. Because I come to United States with my family, there are my parent, younger brother and me. I felt happy together.
Because I want to get more education, The U.S place give more chance for me. So I came to the U.S.Because I want to get a better life, I came to the U.S.Because I want to get more money, I came to U.S.In the America, I left my best friend, I left my big build house and my mother country. So I felt grieve. I will start my Basic English; celebrate my Immigrant Party with my friends together and I will go back my high school say “bye –bye “are prepare to come to the U.S.I expect that I shall be back china in 2008,get better education and get more money.
When I arrived in the United States, I went to the high school to study. I went to Statue of Liberty to visit and went to 34 street to shopping. Because in there friend, I felt lonely. Because I can with my family together, I felt so happy. Because I felt my best friend, I felt so sad. In here, I will hard study to my English, find a job and try best way make a new friend for my life. In China, I always felt Chinatown was beautiful, now, I felt here was crowded. Different was my bad English and work was hard.
Because I live here so crowded, I felt no fresh air for everyday. Because teacher can give more knowledge to everyone, I will be a teacher. So in U.S filled in the love. The city more and more beautiful in the world.

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