New York

By Feng G.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Ií»m Guang Chao, I came from China. I came to the U.S when I am sixteen years old. Because I want to get a better future and life, I came to the U.S with my parents and two sisters.
When I havení»t come to U.S. I expected that the U.S is a wonderful country. And I can get what I want in the U.S also. I want to get a better life and future, and the highly education. That is why I came to the U.S also. I have a perfect prepare to the U.S. Because I heard that U.S is much colder than China, I bought a lot of clothes. And I leant more English, too. But unluckily, I still left behind my books which very important for me when I left China.
When I arrived the U.S. I was very excited and very happy. But I was very tired also. I stayed in the crowded seat for 15 hours when I took the plane to the U.S. I saw my aunt who lives in the U.S, And then I fellow she to go my new house in the NYC. A few days later, my aunt took me to find a high school and continue my study. She told me the study is the most important thing with me now. Now I live in the U.S about 4 months. I think that the U.S is large different than what I expected-Not perfect and wonderful than what I expected.
Now I have a pretty good life in the U.S, my house is pretty good; I have a lot of friend here. I have the same idea with my aunt-finish study is the most important with me. So I will try my best to make my American dream come true in the future. And I want to be a doctor in the future,also.

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