New York

By xiaowen l.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Xiaowen. I came from Guangdong, China. I came to the United States on November 29th, 2007. I took plane to America with my parents.
When I was a young girl I knew I had the chance to go to America. So I often asked my parents why they wanted to go to the U.S. Finally, they told me we would have a better life in the U.S. Also I had my own idea. I thought I go to the U.S to have a good education and I could get more freedom and learn more English to improve myself. One month ago when I came to America we started to buy many things. For example, clothes, shoes and some foods and so on. As I was a primary school student I liked listening English music. And at weekend I would do more English exercise. Sometimes I expected to learn more English in the U.S and communicated with other foreigner in English. I always wanted to go to many places to play when I go to the U.S .The most important thing was I wanted to eat more delicious food. A month later, I had to leave China my home country, left my good friends and relatives to go to America with my parents. When I took on the plane, suddenly I reminded that I forgot to bring my global books, my favorite novels and photos with me. I felt upset but mum told me it doesn’t matter.
When I arrived in the New York’s airport, I felt very cold. The next day it was snowing. I felt very excited that when I was the first time see the snow falling down. Then my uncle took us to go to Chinatown to buy some food and took us to take the subway. At first I felt afraid and worried because the roads were difficult to recognize and I afraid that I took the wrong subway. Fortunally my cousin told me to have a subway map or bus map to help me. A few days later, I went to school at L.E.S.P. I was in ten grades. The students and teachers were nice so I was happy in my class. So I tried my best to learn English and did my best in my classes. On the weekend, my uncle took us to visit Ellis Island. When I saw the statue I just had a feeling of freedom. I also went to Philadelphia’s cave with rocks to visit. I was not only play but also learned many things about rocks. In fact, it was different than I expected. I had enough homework to do so I had not enough time to play. Some food was expensive. And the house’s rental was very expensive too.
Although the house’s rental was dear and sometime my parents quarreled with little problems. But I felt good about my new home. No matter what problems came, I thought if we have confidence to overcome it everything would be better tomorrow. In my free time, I took part in some activities at Asian America for Equality. I became a member in AAFE. I thought it could make me know more about America culture and improve English quickly. I wanted to be a commercial administrator. I was interested in business administration. I wanted to go to some famous enterprise to make my dream come true. I thought I would pay more effort to make my dream come true.

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