New York

By haishan L.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Hi! I am Haishan. I wanted to introduce myself. I came to the United States at May 21, 2003. I came to the United States had 5 year old, but my English was so bad. I came to the United States with my family. Now! I am 19 year old. I could not finish my high school. I felt unhappy.
I left China. I expected my life. I thought will to high school. I thought I would get job. I thought will to college. This was my expected. When I go to airplane, I would buy the new clothes and the daily necessities. And my mother would call me take the pass work and plane ticket.
I arrived in the United States. The first thing I would find the school. Where school I can go. The second thing was when I go to school and the weekend I feel so boring I will find a job. After I got job, I had money. I will go to six flag play and relax myself. I arrived in the United States I saw many different. I felt excited and confused. Excited for I saw top building and a lot of different people. There had white and black people. I felt excited. The confused was my aunt. Why she didnít come to airplane to make up me. I didnít know why.
In the future I will to college. Now! I am 19 year old. I become 21 year old. I want try hard to learned English. When I finished college I could find good job. The job was the hair stylist. Because when I got up, I will to designer hair. I want save my money to help my family.

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