New York

By Cheng Z.
Grade 11, New York
Country of Origin: China

bMy name is Cheng. I came from Hebei, China. Ií m 19 years old. I came to the United Started at June 15, 2006. My father and I came to US, but my mother live in China. My parents went to airfield reception us. I went to America because I want study advanced technology, find freedom and China has many people, not enough work. I did begin study English grammar and word. I could from computer know civilization.
In New York City, my cousin gives me find high schooló-L. E.S.P high school, because he ever study in here. In New York City, I went to Central Park, saw Avenue Q and went to Coney Island beach.
I did sometime like and donít like here. I like here food and education, for example: pizza and beef hamburger, some time I feel here not safety and depressed.
First, I must finish high school, go to college. My dream is become police and find a beautiful girl get marry.

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