New York

By zhao C.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

I am Zhao. I am born in the China. I liked my home town. I lived here my whole life. But 5 year ago I come to the United States. I come to the United Stated with my family from the China.
My parents hope me have best education. Because America was a rich and free the country. They hope me grow after have a good job. I left my friend and relative behind. Our all family came to the airfield. We prepare took airplane come to the United States.
I arrived the U.S. After I feel very excited. America is a rich and free country. I feel here people very friendly in the U.S. I go to the New York City. Our family live uncle¡¯s home. After he take we go watch famous build and bridge in the New York City. Then I go to school. I study English. I go to find a part time job. I expect can bring High School Graduate. I hope make more money and have a good job.
I like life now. I hope can help my family. I want to have a good job. I hope can help those poor¡¯s boy. Let they can have a good life.

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