New York

By zhen z.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Zhen. I am form China- FuZhou, I am 19 years old. I came to the United States on April 21, 2007 with my parents. When I come to America my friends miss me so much.

When I come to the America before, I did prepare my clothes and Chinese food. Also I bought my airplane ticket. I with my friends went to the trip in China before leaved the China. I come to the U.S. Because I need looking for my father, also I need learning the English. When did my father apply for my mother and me .We did wait 5 more years. I think Chinese people come to America is difficult. So now I must treasures this. Also I think when I come to the U.S. Itís leaning the English more better. I had not been to the United States before, but I hoped so much that it would change my life.

When I arrived to America, first I need find the new apartment. But the apartment was expensive. We just find the small room. Then I need find the school, because I need leaning the English will be find good job. In the school I find new friends, they are so nice. Now I didnít have money, I need work. But when I going to work, that the boss didnít want me, because I speak English not very well. When I did arrive went to the Florida, I felt that it is so hot .but that fresh air it is very well. I like that too much. Also I like New York too.

About my new apartment is so narrow. But I live with my all family together. I felt lucky, some people is alone. So I will going to college, I think when I finish the college
I will be find the well job leaning more money for my family.

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