New York

By Sam C.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My immigration experience
My name is Sam, I came to the United States on July 1, 2007. I was very excited when I knew I can come to the United States. I came to the United States with my family. Although I was not alone, I still felt a little sad.
Lots of people didní»t understand why I left China. In fact, I wanted to get a good education. In addition, my family wanted to get more money, but the main reason was my aunt wanted to live with us in the United States. She thought that we can have a good life in the United States. Before I left China, I knew that I had to leave behind my pretty dog, my lovable grandparents and my classmates, that are why I still felt a little sad. For our immigrate, I learned a little bit English in Chinese school, I also found a job to get some money to pay for my ticket. Because I thought that winter will came soon, so I prepared some clothing to the United States too. I was not only want to finish my school, I also wanted to find a good job after I finish my school, so I can buy a ticket to go back China to see my friends again.
When I arrived at JFK airport in the United States, I felt very excited and a little bit nervous. Why I felt nervous? I thought that if I got lost there, I could not find the way to my auntí»s house! I never saw an airport as big as this. Luckily, my uncle was here, so he brought us to look around the JFK airport. After that, we went to my auntí»s house, I was hungry as a man who hungry ten days. To my surprised, my aunt already prepared a lot of food in the house! We finished all food and had a good rest. Next day, my cousin brought us to a pretty sand beach, I was very happy when we arrived the sand beach because I was not always have chance to the sand beach. I swam with my brother in the sea, even though I didní»t know how to swimming, but we all got fun. I never gave up my school, so I found the LESP to learned English then when I finish my school, I can find a good job for my better life, but I wanted to change a little bit, I wanted to find a part time job to get same money, and I save it then I can see my friends in next summer.
I am very excited about my new home because now I live with a lot of relatives. I can talk to them everyday, I can play with my cousin. I think if I can finish my college, then I can find a good job, and I can do everything I want to do, the most important is I can have a better life.

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