New York

By Kenneth L.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Kenneth. I have three years experience in the U.S. I came to the U.S. on 09/11/05, and I came to the U.S. alone. Why did I come to the U.S.? Listen! I will to tell you.
Although I am not a good student, but I have dream too! I want to study music in the U.S., and I want to come to the U.S. to see my father. When I did not to come to the U.S... My memory just a little of my father. I want to know my father. When went to the hospital to have the health checkup, and went to get a visa, then went shopping to buy something for myself. Finally I went to the U.S... I wanted to know my father, and I wanted to find my memory.
When I got off the plane, I felt the U.S. is a very good country. First, the air is fresh, and I was very happy. But my father was late to come to airport and I was very angry. Fortunately the U.S. has so many good people. They helped me to call my father, and stayed with me to wait for my father. I was so happy. Then I felt my father and I would have a very difficult relationship. We did not understand each other. Then I went to the Alabama to work. Finally, I went to back the New York City to live with my father.
I am very happy every day. I am very satisfied with my new home because it is so beautiful and I am very happy to stay in the U.S... I will continue to study English, and I will go to college.

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