New York

By Yoyo L.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Yoyo. I am 19 years old. My parents and I came to the United States from Guangdong, China in 2007.
I lived in China for 19 years. Because my relatives and my friends all in China, I was sad. They couldn¡¯t go with me to leave China so they hoped I would go back to China after two years. I missed my school in China that was a beautiful place and teachers were very nice. When I knew I would leave China, I was both excited and sad. My grandmother was very happy because she was in the United States. She didn¡¯t see our family for ten years, she was very missed us. She wants my family to come to the United States to join her. My parents wanted to get a better life, found a job and had a better education with me in the United States. My birthday is June 16, my relatives and my friends came to celebrate with me. We enjoyed this party very much, I never forgot that. In this evening, our family will take a plane to come to the Unites States.
My family arrived in the United States on June 17, 2007. The plane took off, that I saw many English, Japanese and so on, they very nice. I was confused. After that I came to New York City then I lived in Brooklyn. I felt the air was fresh, the sky was blue. I was fearful. Because I spoke only a little bit English, I didn¡¯t have friends in America. I came to LESP. I was excited because our students can sit together and teachers are very nice. American education was different to Chinese education. I wanted to learn more about English in America.
Now I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, it made me comfortable. I made many friends in school. I liked the air, sky and my neighbors in the New York City. I toured The Statue of Liberty, Central Park in New York City. I hope I will travel to Europe after that I wanted to finished college and become a doctor in future. I love America.

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