New York

By Jian T W.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

I came to the U.S. on Dec. 14th 06. My mother, my brother and I came to the U.S. together. We were so exuberant that we could move to the U.S...
We came to the U.S. because we wanted to get a better life. And we can find a job there. Also, I can have a better education. I packed and bought ticket before we came to the U.S After that, we held a party and celebrated with our relatives and friends. I studied a little bit of English before I left China. This is the most important part of why I
Can study English well, today .However, I was so sad that I left my cat, my friends and relatives behind. I hope life can be good in the U.S., and expect that I can speak English
After I arrived in the U.S., I went to Queens, and Brooklyn. But I settled in Manhattan. First, I went to school, then I made a small circle of friends, and I also learned English very hard. But before I did those things, I felt very nervous, afraid, and Exuberant because the U.S. is a strange place. All things I thought that was wrong. The education is good what I expect. However, there is one thing that it is terrible. The apartment in Chinatown is very small. However, New York City is the most beautiful in the world.
I felt uncomfortable to live in a small apartment in Chinatown. But I think the trouble will go away soon. What I think now is to study hard and get a best education
, then I will be a successful business man in the future. Finally, I will travel around Europe.

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