New York

By Wei W.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Wei. I am 20 years old. I come from China, but now I live in New York City. My mother and I came to United State last December.
Why did I come to the U.S.? Let me tell you reasons. First, I am free in the United States. I will have more chance to make dreams come true. I wanted to learn English. There are a lot of schools in the U.S. Finally, my father worked in the U.S. I hoped we could live together. When I planned to immigrate the U.S, I bought some clothes. I thought I would leave China on that time. So I went to some places to travel. I also learned English on the Internet. When I decided to immigrate to the U.S, I had to leave my good friends. In addition, I had to leave my mother town. Before I came to the U.S, I expected to make more new friends. I expected to learn English as soon as possible. I expected to travel the U.S. as well. This seems very exciting.
When I arrived in the U.S, I felt cold. I also felt excited. I felt curious during most time. After I stayed NYC for one week, I went to Maine. One month later, I came back to NYC. It is my thing to buy a computer. And then, I looked for school to study. I saw my uncle at the same time. It is different than what I expected. I wanted to make new friends, but I can not speak English. I also wanted to travel, but I do not have enough money. It is too hard for me on that time.
Now I feel better and better. Al though my new home is small. I want to learn more English. I think everything will be better and better. I will adapt to live here.

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